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Feoras Collies Presents:

(CKC Mjr. ptd) Feoras Queen Amidala

(12 weeks old, Photo courtesy of Lee Crawford, Little Lee Photography)

Thank you to Candy and Karen for this wonderful opportunity for our May 4th puppy to come to Canada.  Padmé (who was actually called "Pat Me, Pat Me!" due to her incredibly loving demeanor) is a fun happy tri with a *sweet* personality - she is ready for anything just like her namesake, and full of sass and spark.  We love her attitude as she is never not wagging her tail and giving love to everyone.  She also lives up to her name, she thinks she is a true Queen in every sense of the word, and tells us all about her opinions on the state of all affairs in our home here!  Like many highly intelligent puppies she finds all sort of mischief to get into, and entertains us constantly with her imaginative antics. 

Padmé is a nice moving girl with a balanced gait and a bouncy personality, she loves everyone and enjoys every chance she has to show off her clean movement and lovely nature.  She is sharing her life with Jaxson and his parents, her incredible junior handler and this will be her wonderful family as she grows up!

(Trying out a lead at 9 weeks old after arriving a few days before)


July 8, 2017 - Cape Breton Kennel Club, Sydney, NS - WB/BW/BOB under judge Doug Gaudin (Major win)
July 8, 2017 - Cape Breton Kennel Club, Sydney, NS - WB/BW/BOB under judge Sharon Derrick (Major win)
July 9, 2017 - Cape Breton Kennel Club, Sydney, NS - WB/BOB under judge Cheryl Myers-Egerton 
July 9, 2017
 - Cape Breton Kennel Club, Sydney, NS - WB/BOB under judge Ron Mahon 
July 24, 2017 - Lady Slipper Kennel Club, Kensington PEI - WB/BOB under judge Shirley Limoges
July 24, 2017 - Lady Slipper Kennel Club, Kensington PEI - WB/BOB under judge Yvonne Savard


Date - kennel club - win - judge


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Am.Ch. L'il Swiss Bailey's


L'il Swiss Southern Comfort, RN

Am.Ch. L'il Swiss Milestone
Am.Ch. L'il Swiss Unforgettable
Am.Ch. L'il Swiss Golden Fan L'il Swiss The Gold Linque
Am.Ch. L'il Swiss Unforgettable


Am.Ch. Travler's Zee Talk of Zee Town, IT

BISS, Am.GCh. Travler's Dr Z, IT Am.GCh. Marnus Lucky Strike, ROM
Am.GCh./Can.Ch. Travler's Liberty Sport, ROM, AOM, HIC, CGC
Am.GCh. Travler's Good To Know Am.Ch. Overland In Suspense, ROM
Am.Ch. Travler's Good To Go


CERF/CAER - Dr Ledbetter (Cornell University): Moderate CRC
Optigen Accession #: (Pending - PRA Normal/Non-Carrier by parentage)
OFA Hips - (Pending - to be completed at 24 months of age)
OFA Elbows - (Pending - to be completed at 24 months of age)
Cardiac - Pending
Thyroid - Pending
MDR1 - GenSol Diagnostics #38500 Affected/Carrier (Mutant/Mutant)
DM - GenSol Diagnostics #38501 Normal/Carrier 

CN - GenSol Diagnostics #38499 Normal/Non-Carrier


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