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(CKC ptd) Medway's Double Your Dare, CGN (NE)

Hope is a fantastic working dog, always eager to please and learn more!  She has been cherished at Medway Kennels with her breeder/owner Crystal Flemming - and we are delighted to have welcomed her at our kennel for a special litter in 2015.

Hope's Pedigree

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Can.Ch. Medway's Believe In Miracles (NE)

Can.Ch. Glasgowhill's Cut To The Chase, CGN, HIT

Van-M Trumpet Call (NE)
Van-M Ticket Punch
Can.Ch. Emerald Brae's Stylish Dancer, CGN Can.Ch. Langsyne Glasgowhill Bustamove
Can.Ch. Glasgowhill Tragically Hip


Can.Ch. Glasgowhill's Double Dare

Can.Ch. Glasgowhill's Let It Burn (NE) Can.Ch. Van-M Make A Deal II (NE)
(BPIS) Can.Ch. Glasgowhill's Ashanti
Glasgowhill's Double Trouble (Certified Therapy Dog) Am.Ch. Van-M Balloon Pilot (NE)
Can.Ch. Glasgowhill's Envy of Tamris


CERF/CAER (CEA) - Normal Eyed/Carrier
Optigen (PRA) - Normal/Non-Carrier
OFA Hips - Good #CO-3131G37F-VPI 
OFA Elbows - Normal #CO-EL468F37-VPI
MDR1 - Normal/Mutant
DM - Normal/Non-Carrier
vWD - Normal


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